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Jane Threlfall

Jane Threlfall

I was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland. My mum and dad are from England and dad was a Dr. Of Biology at Memorial University. I have 1 sister who still lives there and my mum who lives with me here in Truro.

I have lived in Moncton, Dartmouth, Port Hawkesbury, and Truro as part of my career and also commuted to work for 4 years to New Glasgow.

I love to read in spare time as well as cook whenever I can. I love to try new recipes, especially foods from different countries. 

Travelling to warmer climates is one of my favorite pastimes, and enjoying different foods and cultures is always going to be one of the best ways to spend family time. We have travelled down the east coast of the US, spent time in Florida (as Disney Vacation Club members), Cuba, Dominican Republic, England and Greece. If there’s a beach and sun, I’m there. I love swimming.

I’m an International Student Host mom, so each school year I have the opportunity to have students from all over the world stay with me as part of my family for 3-8 months of the school year. I have hosted kids from Colombia, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, China. This not only allows them to feel at home and learning our culture, but allows us to learn theirs. We have made friends from all over the world as part of this program.

I also support World Vision and have had no less than 5-6 children at any given time for the last 20 years. I believe in giving back to help education and community any way you can.

I’m part of other groups such as Oceana Canada, Council of Canadians and Pathways to Education and support Climate Reality group. 

I volunteer when I can with Souls Harbour Rescue Mission which provides meals to the hungry in local areas.

I have a son who has successfully graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. As a single mom I am so proud of everything I have been able to give him and do for him and even prouder of who he has become. I have raised a kind, generous and compassionate human being. He will always be my number one priority. I always tell him that he was the best thing I ever did.

We have had many dogs over the years and our newest is a Labradoodle named Mickey who is the cutest and quirkiest puppy I’ve ever met. Super smart and has us all trained to do what he wants. He’s like having a two year old in the house again.

An interesting fact, I used to model when I was in my early university days for a local clothing designer and went to fashion shows to show his clothes in both Ottawa (where the Prime Minister attended) and Toronto Fashion Week. I also had a fashion shoot in an Atlantic Magazine with him as well.

I have a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in English and Classics (Latin and Greek) as well as a Bachelor of Education. Both from Memorial University. I recently received my Nova Scotia Teacher Certification.

I also have a Secretarial diploma from College for the North Atlantic as well as Leadership diploma from Harvard Business School.

I worked part time with Woolco, as a cashier, and not finding many teaching jobs at the time, I stayed with retail and became a District Systems trainer for Walmart and then an Assistant Manager, Eventually becoming a Store Manager, which I did for over 21 years. My retail career spanned over 35 years. I made many friends and lived in some beautiful places. My experience here included teamwork, organization, time management, computer skills, budgets, customer service and customer satisfaction, employee engagement and much more.

I will be mainly servicing the Northern area, but as I also have contacts (ex co-workers and students) in other parts of the province I’m happy to go where needed.

My main language is English, I did conversational French in High School so can get by, but would need a refresher. 

My bucket list is to travel all over Asia, Europe and the South Pacific, to cage swim with sharks, and to travel the Us and Canada in an RV with my pup.